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Mr. Kavumbi has been a Motivational Speaker/Guest Speaker here at Los Fresnos High School several times. As a speaker, he has been an inspiration to me and my students by sharing his life story in a professional, humorous, animated, stimulus peaking manor that keeps the audience glued to the subject at hand. He comes prepared for the topic of his speech, and can keep the students attention very well. If you want a good response from a guest speaker, then Mr. Kavumbi is a great choice!

Dr. Kim Ellis
LFCISD- Los Fresnos High School

We had the honor of having Mr. Kavumbi present as our closing Keynote Speaker at our annual Global Teen Medical Summit at The Health Museum. Mr. Kavumbi was absolutely phenomenal – so eloquent with his words, motivating and inspirational. He also knew how to work with a teen audience, by adding in humor while keeping it educational and informative at the same time. It was so moving to hear his own story throughout his presentation also. I would highly recommend having Mr. Kavumbi come out and speak to teens, college or university students, professionals in companies and corporations around the world.

Amy Kapadia, CHES
Senior Program Manager, Education
The Health Museum

While our students will always behave and be respectful for the Scientific Symposium speakers, I’ve never seen a group of students that engaged and enthusiastically being in the moment that Mr. Kavumbi created. For an hour and a half, he managed to grab hold of a group of students and make them temporarily forget that they were almost to their own holiday break. It was an unforgettable moment for our students and highly recommend Mr. Kavumbi in every school.

Mr. Max O.
Houston ISD

Mr. Kavumbi was very powerful and engaging with our students!  His presentations and techniques were spot on throughout the entire day!  I highly recommend Mr. Kavumbi for your event!

T. Cornelius
Director of Student Life
College of the Mainland
March 2019

Mr. Kavumbi honored as an Outstanding Speaker by the National Collegiate Leadership Conference (NCLC) hosted by The University of Arizona.

February, 2017

Mr. Kavumbi is energetic and entertaining. He kept the students engaged and participating. The students found his presentation helpful and informative.

Brookhaven College DCCCD