The Global Center for Professional Development and Excellence (GCPDE) is an agency that was founded in 2012 by Emmanuel Kavumbi who also serves as the President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

The main purpose of GCPDE is to deliver a message of “Success through Motivation” to Middle Schools, High Schools, Community Colleges, Universities, and Professional Settings like companies/corporations geared by the agency’s commitment to professional development and excellence.

Emmanuel coined or designed a model of leadership which he continues to use as a Motivational Speaker in driving a strong message of leadership in both academic and professional settings. He says, “Being a LEADER to me simply means…”
L – Learn
E – Every
A – Aspect
D – Define
E – Each
R – Result

When schools request Health Profession(s) presentations or workshops, Emmanuel does it under Allied Health Series (AHS) Parts 1 to 15 which he launched in 2012. The purpose of AHS is to provide “Hands on Skills” to students interested or already in the medical/health professions as requested by schools. The presentation allows students not only to learn new skills but also to practice them thoroughly. They are presented in a very humorous and professional way which allows great interaction thus fostering mastery of skill among the students.

Invite Emmanuel to your school, company or organization and let students or professionals listen to a very strong message which will always be part of their successful journey.

GCPDE – Emmanuel Kavumbi the Motivational Speaker being interviewed by the Media Dept. at Laredo Community College.